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You can send Ether directly to Contract address or use BitCoin to make purchase of EvenCoin

Step 1:- Scan and pay

BitCoin : 36Y9tic9VgcXviDGz5A1wdxdGTpRyFfwTJ                         Ethereum : 0x68909e586eeac8f47315e84b4c9788dd54ef65bb

Step 2:- Add custom token to you Ether Wallet

EvenCoin Contract Address : 0x68909e586eeac8f47315e84b4c9788dd54ef65bb
EvenCoin Symbol / Name : EVN
EvenCoin digits : 18

Step 3:- Fill form below

When paid using Ethereum EvenCoin gets delivered instantly, where as if paid by BTC it might take 30 Minutes+